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Registration Form - Year 12

Candidate Information

Please do not use BLOCK CAPITALS when completing this form.

Postal Address (home)

Please do not select Mathematics and Mathematics Plus Further Mathematics.

Please give the name and relationship to the candidate of any member of the family who is attending or has previously attended Dulwich College and their Day House or Boarding House and dates attended, if known.

Present School

The College will contact the candidate’s present school for a report.

Name of Head

School Address

Parent/Guardian Information

For further information please contact the Upper School Admissions team on 020 8299 9281 or email

We do ask for all parents to give us their contact information as this enables us to communicate with all relevant parties during the admissions process. Each parent/guardian must provide their individual email address and telephone number. If it is not possible for the second parent to give us this information please click the bin icon on the right at the beginning of this section.


Postal Address (home)


Postal Address (home)

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