Registration Form - Overseas Year 12
Candidate Information

For further information please contact the Upper School Admissions team on 020 8299 9281 or email

Registration for Overseas candidates seeking admission to the Upper School (Year 12) for 2021 and beyond,

Candidates taking the examinations at Dulwich College in London should complete the UK Registration Form.

To complete the application you will need to provide copies of:

• your son’s passport or birth certificate

• a passport sized photograph of your son

• your son’s latest academic school report

• Educational Psychologist report (if applicable)

• details of any medical condition indicating examination concessions.

Candidate Information

Please do not use BLOCK CAPITALS when completing this form.

Postal Address (home)

If and when a place is offered, evidence of a valid VISA will be required for all candidates who are not UK residents or residents of the EEA or Switzerland.

Please do not select Mathematics and Mathematics Plus Further Mathematics.

Please give the name and relationship to the candidate of any member of the family who is attending or has previously attended Dulwich College and their Day House or Boarding House and dates attended, if known.

Present School

The College will contact the candidate’s present school for a reference from the Head.

Name of Head

School Address